Celebrate Life


Got myself all worked up last night.

Just as my chaotic house settled down and the shadows crept in from the corners, I could feel the fragility of it all.

We all lose the ones we love, and eventually, we become the souls lost to someone else.

And in the end, we try to celebrate the life that blessed us so deeply.  We hold hands, hug, and shed tears… and shiver against the whispers of hope that kingdom come is, by some stretch of the imagination, a warmer place than in our arms.

This does little to smooth the prickles on our skin, or sew up the gaping hole in our hearts.

These tremendous sorrows affect even those on the periphery, and the shining tributes to the lives since passed leave us feeling deprived for never having known them.

I’d like to know them, please.

I’d like to laugh with that baby girl who charmed everyone she met.

I’d like to look into the bluest eyes on St. John’s island and feel immediate friendship.

I’d like to know your parents, your siblings, and your cousin who drives too fast.

And you should meet my family.  And my best friends.  And the man who holds my heart.

And what about those lives that are broken, hurt, and empty?  Can’t we celebrate those as well?  Indeed, perhaps if we did, they would no longer be waiting to die.

Thankfully, the sun has risen again this morning.  So far, my life is intact.  This gives me today to celebrate.  

So today is the day we should create the slide show of our lives- and put it to beautiful music- and show our best smiles.

Today is the day others say wonderful things about us- and share the ways we have impacted their lives- and we return the favor.

Today is the day we capture every second of life between sunrise and sunset, and stare at the stars until our eyes fold shut.

Today is the day we celebrate life, because today we are still living.


Inspired by a girl I never met, but wish I did.  Condolences to her family.  

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  • Lori

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. It’s funny how you can feel envious of friends and family of such a beautiful person, despite the hell they are going through, just because they had her in their lives and you didn’t. I want to be that person to. Today.

  • Phaedra Bartlett

    Oh wow. I needed that this morning. Goosebumps and tears stinging my eyes. You are a talented lady.